Q&A Wines

‘Bertie’ is the hand-drawn character that you will find throughout the Q&A Wines Portfolio. Inspired by the “broken down swell”, Burlington Bertie of Bow, we feel that he embodies the spirit of our wines and mission. Allow us to elucidate…

Andrew Mangles and Paul Scaife spent the 1980s based in and around Mayfair, London. Those heady days of boom forged the basis of a life in wine, from which both Andrew and Paul have never successfully escaped! Fine Wine Dinners, Grande Marque Champagne Events, St James’s Gentlemen’s Clubs, Jules’ Bar in Jermyn Street – these were the haunts of the 1980’s wine trade’s carefree youth. With these memories etched on the copperplate of our careers we embrace the present, recognising that times have moved on, much as they have for our Bertie. You’ll have noticed his formerly glorious attire, now sadly a little worse for wear and in need of a good seamstress!

Just like the blade of one of Bertie’s sharpest swordsticks, Andrew and Paul’s tasting memories and trade contacts have been finely honed over many years. Wines chosen for every occasion, circumstance, cuisine, (and weather!) are all carefully selected from the vast quantity of samples that pass across the tasting table – all in the cause of the search for exceptional quality, value and typicity.

You’ll find a selection of Grower Burgundy, great value Claret, ripe and seductive Rhone, pale and delicate Rosés, zingy and zesty Sauvignons, taught and correct Seafood Wines, pure Unoaked Chardonnays and…well, dive in and discover!

Bertie will point you in the right direction, by answering many of the questions that we know from experience you will be asking of our wines. It is his mission that you emerge from your encounter, wine glass in hand, delighted with your choice and ready to recommend Q&A Wines to your friends and colleagues.

If you have any queries regarding any of the wines here, don’t hesitate to pick up the phone to discuss with one of our team, we love talking wine!